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Children's Church

We have created an environment where children can learn and flourish in an engaging and stimulating environment as they learn about God, His Word and his power in their lives today.

We follow a systematic and thematic approach as we plan our lessons to ensure the children are able to gain both knowledge and understanding about the Bible and how it relates to them in every day life.  The content, style of teaching and activities are always communicated in age appropriate ways.

We typically use a combinations of:

Arts & Crafts
Role Play
and much more

Lessons typically last for approximately 40 - 50 minutes.

Topics include:

History and Narrative of the Old Testament
Goal setting
The Life of Jesus (Birth, Life, Teachings, Miracles)

Below is an example of a 12 Week Teaching Plan
Example of 12 Week Teaching Plan
John’s Ministry - Repentance
Jesus’ Baptism
Jesus’ in the wilderness - Temptation
Jesus’ Ministry begins – God anointed Him
Father’s Day Cards
Jesus’ first miracle – Water into wine
Jesus’ Ministry begins – God anointed Him
Jesus begins to call his disciples part 1
Jesus begins to call his disciples part 2
Jesus’ Miracles – healing outcasts
Jesus’ Miracles – healing children
Jesus’ brings someone back to life!