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Membership Orientation Course

Membership orientation course is for Christians who would like to know more about our church and prayerfully consider if they should take up membership.

It is an opportunity to learn firsthand what we believe, our vision and purpose, and it also provides the opportunity for you to ask questions and interact directly with some of our senior leaders in person.

The course ends with a light meal, where the participants are invited to either sign up to our membership or if not, they are welcome to decline and it is at this stage that they will no longer need to attend the rest of the courses (which are designed for members who want to be actively involved in the life of the church).

Registration: Please click here and tick the suitable date for Membership Orientation Course and submit your form. Remember that unless you submit your form we cannot process your details. We will then provide details on how you can log into the classes.

Time: 1.30pm - 2.30pm
Venue: The Halley Academy, Corelli Road, London, SE3 8EP