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Discipleship Groups


What is a Discipleship Group?

A discipleship group is an informal setting where different people meet to discuss, amongst other things, Sunday's sermon, support and pray for each other and generally get to know each other and build deeper friendships. 

Some have specific focus groups these may include: 

  • Women

  • Youth

  • Men

  • Business focus/Entrepreneurs

  • Parents of young children

Whilst others have mixed groups, with people from many different walks of life.

Essentially the purpose of a disciples group is to help facilitate and create growth in relationships with each other, with the Lord and with the local community, within a relational context.  It helps our members and friends to be equipped and nurtured into maturity in Christ as they fulfil His purpose for their lives.  We encourage all of our discipleship groups to reach out to their local communities as an expression of being salt and light.

When do they meet?

Discipleship groups meet at different times during the week, the current locations where they are normally held are highlighted below in the map. Our groups are currently meeting online and in person, of which details can be found in the summary information below for each group.


How do I join a Discipleship group?

  • Contact us at our Church office on 020 8858 6482 (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday between 11am - 2pm)
  • Sign up below via the Online Discipleship Group Contact Form for whichever one you would like to join.

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