Banner Image:   Kingdom of God

Our Mission 

 “Kingdom IMPACT”
Continuing our theme of IMPACT for Christ, our mission emphasis for 2021 is Kingdom of God
God has blessed us in order for us to be a blessing and

Matthew 6:33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

Our Vision, Our Mission and Emphasis for 2021 below:

We are to IMPACT:

  • As disciples of Christ. By equipping our members to be disciples of Christ
  • In the community. Through a focus to affect the immediate community where we gather to worship on a Sunday with the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • The nations. By fulfilling our global mandate of world missions
IMPACT as disciples
Envision members to buy into plugging into the life of the Church.  This will be accomplished by identifying and focusing on what constitutes the life of our local Church. 
Each one must do their part:
  • Sunday Services
  • Discipleship Groups (Cell groups)
  • Prayer Community
  • Evangelism
  • World missions (CLM Trust, ICWN, MWM, etc.)
  • Teaching and training initiatives (MDP, CLTI)
  • Ministries 
IMPACT the community
Our mission for 2021 is to significantly IMPACT the community where we gather to worship on a Sunday and where a large segment of our members live.  We aim to achieve this through the following:
  • Multi-site congregations 
  • Discipleship groups
  • An evangelistic culture in the members of the Church. 
  • Children’s ministry
  • Youth ministry  
  • Partner with Social Action initiatives in local areas where we worship on Sundays or where our Discipleship groups meet 
  • Intentional prayer cover concerning all of the above: 

IMPACT the nations

  • CLF Greenwich to adopt a nation 
  • Missionary Trips & Social Action