Jesus taught explicitly that we should not hinder children from learning about him and/or having a relationship with him.  In fact he said we should encourage it.


The crèche is for pre-school children and is an interactive space, with soft mats and toys at the back of the main hall.  Parents are invitied to sit here with their children, whilst they play quietly during service. 

Children's church

CLF has developed a systematic teaching system that includes speaking and listening, reading, creative arts (including drama and dance).  This teaching has a clear structure, with learning objectives.  The content is based on the biblical narrative that spans from Genesis to Revelation.

It is designed for primary school aged children from foundation stage to year 6.

It runs every Sunday (except the first Sunday of the month) and/or during our joint services with other CLF churches.

To find out about our safeguarding policy, to get involved or for further information, please speak to Ayshea Boadu after the Sunday service or email


          Ayshea Boadu