The following books are either written by CLF members or published by CLF publishing:

Hearing from God

Hearing from God, Joseph Boadu (2018)

This book is about the dynamics surrounding hearing from God. It is informative and yet practical in addressing key issues surrounding this subject matter. Topics include: How God speaks, recognition of God's voice and what to do with what God says. In addition, this book offers helpful exercises for the individual and groups in developing one's spiritual antenna. Whether a novice or an experienced practitioner, Hearing from God is a useful tool in the library of every believer.

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The FiveFold Ministry

The FiveFold Ministry, Joseph Boadu (2017)

This book is an in depth study on the fivefold ministry also known as the ascension gifts of the risen Christ. It analyses in detail each administration of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher; giving a scriptural analysis of their purpose. Learn about our Lord Jesus Christ and His example as the model for all fivefold ministry. Discover the different levels of anointing within each ministry, their unique characteristics, and their specific function within the body of Christ. You will also explore the dangers of false representations of fivefold ministry and how to discern between true and false ministers. 

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The Prayer Lif of a Disciple

The Prayer Life Of A Disciple, Joseph Boadu (2017)

This book is a foundational study about prayer and its application in the life of all those committed to being disciples of Jesus Christ. Subject matters include: The importance of prayer, how to pray, prayers that God will answer, hindrances to prayer; the ministry of intercession. A must read for all who find prayer a mystery or for the ardent prayer warrior. The Prayer Life of a Disciple may prove to be a classic resource for those believers zealous about seeking God's face and pressing into a deeper relationship with Him.
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The Disciple and Money, Joseph Boadu (2016)

This book is a study about how disciples of Jesus Christ should approach the issue of money. It explores what the Bible teaches about our financial responsibilities, and how those obligations should be managed. Subject matters include: our attitude towards money, our financial responsibility, how we give to God, the right and wrong ways of giving and true financial prosperity. 

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Goal setting

Discovering Purpose through Goal Setting, Joseph Boadu (2015)

This book explores goal setting from a Christ centred perspective. It encourages you to approach the subject through the lens of God’s will and purpose for your life.  In this study you will learn important foundational truths on: Enjoying the challenge of being – The importance of setting goals; Take responsibility – Reigning in life through goal setting; Understanding your purpose – The reason behind your goals; Your one big dream – Having a vision for your life and more!

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Supernatural Anointing

Supernatural Anointing, Joseph Boadu (2015)

This book explores supernatural anointing and the potential for every follower of Jesus Christ to minister with the power of God. Learn about the origin and purpose behind the practice of anointing with its relevance for us today. Discover the different types of anointing that exist, and the various levels in depth to the power of the Holy Spirit available to all. 

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Principles of faith

The Principles of Faith, Joseph Boadu (2009)

This book explores important foundational truths about faith from a biblical and practical perspective. It is written to equip and strengthen believers in the use of their faith. Discover the difference between natural and Bible-based faith and how to accurately exercise Bible faith. Learn how to develop your faith, identify major obstacles to your faith, handle opposing forces to faith and live the life of faith.
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Freedom from poverty mindsetFreedom from Poverty Mindset, Joseph Boadu (2009)

What is a poverty mindset and how does it affect us? This booklet examines some vital truths about this most insidious of attitudes and how you can be free from its devastating effects. Learn about the causes of a poverty mindset, its characteristics and how to be free from its effects. Discover the dynamics of a progressive mindset and how to live a life without limits!

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Little InvestorsThe Little Investors, Sabrina Dawodu (2011)

This book will teach children basic money skills and how to manage money. The earlier children learn about money, including earning money, saving money, and spending money, The better prepared they will be to manage their own finances in the future. It has been written to educate children on how to use money wisely. 
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Dont let bullies ruin your lifDon't Let Bullying Ruin Your Life, Uche Nnoka (2014)

For some, the psychological and emotional scars of bullying remain decades after they have left school. Don’t Let Bullying Ruin Your Life is aimed at helping such people deal with their harrowing experiences and take steps towards living the rest of their lives free from anger and bitterness. Having been through a similar ordeal, Uche Nnoka shares the low points of her teenage years and how she managed to navigate her way back to wholeness. She lovingly speaks to the wounded souls still overwhelmed by their experiences using her personal story and easily applicable steps that may help them get their lives back!

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Managing your homeManaging Your Home: A Comprehensive guide to caring for your home and family: Volume 1 (NobleWife Attributes), Nichola Williams (2016) 

If you are looking for ways to improve the quality of your home, wondering how to stay on top of the cleaning or simply want some new ideas for tweaking your set up, there is something for you in Managing your Home. Split into six essential categories Nichola, along with a group of women from different walks of life share a wealth of knowledge all in one place including some of the most useful advice you’ll find! 

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The AltarThe Altar: A true story of faith, love, life and death, Nichola Williams (2015)

In this emotional recount of events surrounding her grandad's passing, Nichola Williams tells a story of when she last met God. She begins with a detailed dream that could not be ignored and continues her narrative of a series of incredible occurrences. It is a story of faith, love, life and death that spans three generations of her family. It is her hope that this book will encourage you to realise how great God is and how treasured you are by Him even in the face of a difficult circumstance.

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